InchDairnie Distillery


Brand creation and launch campaign

We love people with vision and big ideas. People like InchDairnie’s Ian Palmer. “This isn’t some micro-distillery or some Disneyland Speyside place, it’s going to be an innovative modern distillery of its time.” Music to our ears.

We used our full range of skills to help Ian launch the Inchdairnie brand and distillery; first developing the brand positioning, then creating the distillery’s distinctive brand identity.

Next up, we devised the communications strategy, drove photography and video directing and built its website and social media platforms. We rounded off by staging a series of launch events for key industry influencers on site.

Results? InchDairnie firmly on the map as new distillery with groundbreaking technology through more than 60 pieces of TV, radio, print and online coverage and the adulation of industry figureheads.

The InchDairnie Distillery features groundbreaking whisky making technology