Black Bottle Blended Scotch Whisky


The Eclectica Experiment

When we were asked to create an event and experience that could bring to life Black
Bottle’s unconventional positioning, and be used as a case study for the brand’s
market teams around the world, we knew this would be right up our street.

Black Bottle is a whisky that doesn't look or behave like its peers in what can often
be a fairly traditional category. So we created The Eclectica Experiment, a gig-style
event featuring a line-up of live performances of unconventional artforms each
matched with equally unconventional cocktails.

Working with media partner The Skinny to target a discerning younger audience, the
event sold out and introduced the guests to the joys of Black Bottle whisky cocktails while they watched live spoken word poetry and experimental electronic music.

The photo of the two people dancing below sums it up – this was a totally new and
unconventional kind of whisky experience.

Launch of the Elementary range for Grant's
Black Bottle Eclectica case study 3.jpg