Kraken Rum


Kraken Rum Freaky Tiki bar

We created a Freaky Tiki bar experience for our pals at Kraken Rum and took it out
onto the road during the summer festival season, with stop-offs at Camden Rocks,
Kendal Calling, Bloodstock and Lost village.

Taking inspiration from the mythical gods of tiki, we took a traditional tiki bar and
completely Kraken-ised it. Freaky Tiki cocktails were served day and night while
guests enjoyed the Freaky Tiki selfie totem, and a special ‘Awaken the Kraken’
ceremony to summon in the evening celebrations, with live drumming and selected
DJs playing into the small hours.

More than 10,000 consumers enjoyed some Freaky Tiki action across the four
festivals, with sales tripling at Bloodstock from the previous year, and the brand’s
debut at Kendal Calling was a highlight of the whole festival.

Time for Gin at our Carnival of Knowledge event.