Random stuff


Strange happenings, classic curveballs and odd tales

Over the years, we’ve done pretty much every type of conceivable type of brand communications you can think of.

We’ve also done a load of completely inconceivable random things too…. here are a few gems from the memory banks…

  • Building the Quietest Bar on Earth
  • Creating 12 flavours of whisky ice-cream
  • Getting a telescope handcrafted out of copper whisky stills
  • Commissioning an arm-wrestling table
  • Staging a gig in ruins of an ancient Scottish castle
  • Serving syringes of whisky cocktails for a Tour de France event
  • Building the world's first pedal-powered cocktail shaker
  • Bidding for every antique nutmeg grinder on eBay
  • Screening (censored!) 1920s Parisian erotica to a cinema full of journalists