TINCUP Whiskey


Hero the Barback

We were set a tasty little challenge to create an experience that engaged the on-
trade to build bartender and customer brand affinity. 

Using our knowledge of the bartending world, we decided that the most under
appreciated position in a bar is the humble and hardworking barback - and so we
declared 2017 as the 'Year of the Barback’.

Hooking up with Imbibe magazine and industry influencers, we led a nationwide
search for the year’s Barback Hero. The finalists were invited to London to embark
on an urban adventure challenge, designed to test their range of skills as hospitality
professionals, teamwork, creativity and personality, culminating in a Hero bar shift at
Cocktail Trading Company.

The challenge winners won a trip to Colorado, the home of TINCUP and all barback
finalists will also go on to feature in a 2018 calendar. Responses from barback finalist
teams were super positive, with many describing it as “the best bar competition”
they had ever taken part in.